After years of collecting authors and titles in various fields I decided to merge all of the list into one file and create an On-Line Bibliography. This site has been supported by our good friends at Power Drill Guru, the review specialists in finding the best impact driver as well as other tools.

The file is formatted in MS-Word and can be viewed or downloaded from this site. I welcome additions and corrections.

  • The items are arranged alphabetically by author or editor except in the absence of an author or editor by title. Use FIND to search through the file.
  • The file contains mainly secondary sources published since 1940. There are also a few primary sources and pre-1940 printed sources.
  • The focus of the bibliography is the economies of the Atlantic World with special emphasis on Latin America, although these boundaries are not strictly enforced. The file is light on dependency (no interest) and on slavery (other, better bibliographies are available) and heavy on statistical analysis, secular trends and economic performance.
  • I have used a standard format in organizing the bibliography: author/editor, title, volume, publisher, etc. In a few cases I have included references to series if I thought that information would help the user. Unfortunately my notes or the sources from which I have gathered these items are not always as complete or accurate as I would wish. (Of course I had never expected to publish an on-line bibliography.) The asterisk (*) at the end of the entry is a warning that the entry is less than complete based upon the above standard format.
  • I have introduced abbreviations in order to limit keyboard activity. I apologize ahead of time for misspellings, mangled names, omitted or misplaced accents and other stylistic or syntactical errors.
  • If you click on the button marked “On-Line Word File” you will download the entire file onto your computer. If you click on the button marked “On-Line HTML File” you will view the file on your computer. The file contains fewer than 3,000 entries. The user’s Internet connection will determine how long the download will take.