Data files

All of the datasets are formatted in Microsoft Excel. Some files contain only raw data, i. e. without any analysis, and others contain both the data and the results of my own analysis — correlations, regressions, moving averages, etc. I have tried to exercise care in transcribing the original data and in creating the files and datasets, but I am regrettably fallible. Users are free to erase my results and re-analyze the data in terms of their own needs.

Normally every data file contains information on the archival or printed sources, comments on serious problems in collecting or analyzing the data and other remarks that may be helpful to the user.

The datasets are arranged by categories: agriculture, mining, prices, wages, etc. The user should be able to determine from the title of the file what it contains. All datasets, whatever the region or period, are grouped under the respective categories. There are no accounts from the Real Hacienda published by John TePaske, Herbert Klein et al. on the Data Page; they appear on the Caja Page.